The Juneteenth Festival of the Carolinas began 24 years ago from the vision of Pape S. Ndiaye who is originally from Senegal West Africa. Pape had a vision that someday the history of Juneteenth would be communicated and celebrated in Charlotte, NC as it is in other parts of the country.


Pape knew in order for this to happen he would need to seek out talented individuals with peak organizational skills, and the wherewithal for completing necessary tasks.


Through the years the board has proven to be a lot like the festival itself. Each year there are exciting changes while there are some board members with very impressive tenures. The current committee consists of members from throughout the  community, with some of the original committee members still participating in the event.


  • Pape S. Ndiaye, Founder & President

  • Shirley L. Fulton, Chairman

  • Theresa Jones, Treasurer

  • Jaqueline Edwards, Secretary

  • Robert Bruns

  • Murray Chapple

  • Gerry Chisom

  • Jacotron Potts

  • Anthony Rice Jr.

  • Tonya Rivens

  • John Seck, Social Media

  • Jaytenius Everett

  • Jocelyn Singletary, Legal Advisor

  • Walter Nelson, Financial Advisor